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Prepare. Preserve. Prosper.


     Tools to pursue your Goals.

Assisting our clients in attaining their financial objectives is our focus. We pride ourselves on communicating with our clients clearly and frequently. Continuing education is integral because innovation is a requisite to our client's success in an ever-changing financial landscape. In difficult market conditions, there is no room to make mistakes.

Risk Management

An essential part of our philosophy is to reduce risk whenever possible. Using a mix of financial strategies, we take care to help ensure your overall plan is exposed to as little risk as possible while maintaining the growth potential necessary to help pursue your goals.

Holistic Financial Planning

We create customized plans specifically designed for clients approaching or already in retirement. Approaching your unique situation with a holistic mindset, we blend solutions in order to form a plan that can help you pursue your goals.

Investment Management

Our objective when managing your money is to make sure it’s invested in a way that brings you added peace of mind and confidence in your future. We utilize Brookstone to manage client accounts in a flexible, low cost, highly diversified, and transparent manner. 

Tax Reduction Strategies

Good financial planning isn’t just about what you make; it’s also about what you keep. We help connect clients with tax-efficient strategies that help mitigate the effects of taxes on their retirement savings.

Legacy Planning

A properly built legacy plan can mean a huge difference for your future and the futures of the ones you love. We help you develop a strategy that enables the efficient transfer of your legacy while protecting your family from fees and avoidable taxes.

Income Planning

As you near retirement, it’s essential to plan for the income you’ll depend on when your career ends. Woodcrest Financial Group works side-by-side with clients to establish an income plan that works in concert with their overall retirement strategies.

Advice & Education

As experienced advisors, one of the most important parts of our job is to educate our clients so they can make the right decisions about their financial futures. When speaking with people, education and transparency is crucial in setting the foundation for our financial relationships.

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