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Tony Bartolameolli

Mr. Fix It

Tony Bartolameolli is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Over the years, Tony has worked with several Fortune 500 companies such as GM, EDS and

others. Tony got involved in the business to fill a need in his wife's practice.  He left a successful career in IT & Consulting when his wife came begging for help to boost efficiency in her practice from someone whom she could trust... and remember the saying "A Happy Wife, A Happy Life".  Now, he is a licensed Agent and manages to try and keep Nancy happy on a day to day basis concerning practice operations.

Tony has 3 kids, Chris, Nick and Kaden. When possible he tries to sneak away and get some fishing in with family and friends.  He also has some me time once a year to go hunting with family and friends.

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