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About Woodcrest Financial Group

Our business is about people and their financial well-being. Our clients always come first. We strive to provide the highest level of service with uncompromising integrity. Assisting our clients in attaining their financial objectives is our focus. We pride ourselves on communicating with our clients clearly and frequently. Continuing education is integral because innovation is a requisite to our client's success in an ever changing financial landscape. In difficult market conditions there is no room to make mistakes. That is why Woodcrest Financial Group was formed, to give all investors and their families the best possible source for financial advice so that they can keep more of what they make. We connect with clients to provide objective advice and guidance when selecting the appropriate course of action. Then we handle the details, so you can relax in the knowledge that your investments are properly managed. It's a logical approach that makes sense for investors looking to accumulate, retain, and distribute their wealth in the best possible way.

President & Founder

Nancy Bartolameolli

Nancy Bartolameolli, is a Financial Educator, Author and Speaker. Nancy loves to share her unconventional financial wisdom, insights and experience, whether it's being interviewed on Detroit Public Television or teaching sessions at schools and libraries. Nancy has a unique perspective on life and money, having been born in Vietnam and adopted by an American Army Sergeant. Nancy is a lifetime learner and successful Financial Advisor. Nancy is a member of one of the nation's most exclusive group of financial advisors, Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group. This group is an invitation-only group of financial advisors dedicated to solving retiree's biggest financial headache: how to safely navigate the legal minefield of retirement regulations. Nancy believes in a holistic planning approach where she looks at all things related to her client's financial well-being. She partners with attorneys and CPAs to minimize leaks in her client's financial plans.

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